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Glen Hydro Development is a joint venture between Scottish based Glen Hydro and the long established international hydro developer and engineering firm, Hydropol, with headquarters in Prague. Our primary focus is on the development of hydro-electric schemes from 100kW to 2MW in capacity. We undertake all aspects of the project from initial evaluation of landholdings through planning and detailed design, to project management of construction and on-going maintenance programmes. Our team of in house staff and retained consultants have a wide range of experience across the spectrum of hydro development and have been involved with many of the hydro schemes developed in Scotland recently.

As developers we seek to differentiate ourselves from others in the marketplace. We believe we offer the best deals available both in terms of financial reward and flexibility. The company has a long term strategy for hydro development, planning to be involved in schemes for their duration with the focus on cost control, financial returns, performance and quality. We can take this approach as we have solid financial backing from our European hydro developer partners who have built and operate many tens of megawatts of hydro developments. Many of our competitors are backed by venture capitalists and therefore need to adopt an aggressive strategy to bank schemes prior to a planned business sale. Our long term funding resource means that we develop schemes without the inevitable delays, due diligence, legal fees and other associated costs of bank or project finance.

Our standard approach to developing a scheme would be for Glen Hydro to bear all of the risk and provide all of the funding. The landowner would then receive an annual rent from the developed scheme. Alternative approaches are possible, such as a joint venture arrangement where the risks and returns are shared and we will (and do) consider any workable arrangement.

As feed in tariffs are due to decline over time, we are all pushing to pre-accredit schemes as soon as possible. Glen Hydro is well placed to develop schemes rapidly and beleive we may have set a Scottish record in taking a scheme from initial inception through planning to pre-accreditation in under six months. We have extensive technical expertise in house and we pride ourselves on working closely with land owners to develop the schemes they want. We work throughout Scotland, including all the more remote areas. During this work we have developed a robust and successful approach when dealing with SEPA, SNH and other regulatory bodies and are proud of our record of successful and smooth planning and CAR applications.

In short we aim to be more efficient and more flexible and feel that we can deliver a better rate of return to landowners than our competitors.

Initial Appraisal

We are happy to discuss any potential hydro scheme and carry out a desktop appraisal free of charge. We will ask you to provide us with details of your land holding and the watercourse you are considering for hydro development, plus any other relevant factors such as existing infrastructure, ease of grid connection, etc. We will then use our mapping, flow analysis and hydro power generation software to give you an indication of the development potential.

Free Hydro Evaluation
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