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Glen Hydro has joined with the major European hydro developer Hydropol to provide the funding and resources to develop an extensive portfolio of hydro schemes. Hydropol Project & Management AS has its head office in Prague, Czech Republic, as well as branches in several other European countries. Combining Glen Hydro’s local knowledge and experience of Scottish run-of-river projects with Hydropol’s long expertise in hydro development and extensive technical support, creates a powerful and highly capable company, now operating on a local level in Scotland.

We can maximise the potential of your watercourses and bring a long term guaranteed income to your property. If you would like further information or would like to discuss the hydro potential of your land please contact Luke Milner or Richard Haworth.

Welcome to Glen Hydro

Glen Hydro are developers and consultants based in Blairgowrie, Perthshire. We design, install, operate and own hydroelectric schemes throughout Scotland. Working as developers we can offer the opportunity to generate income from your river or burn at nil cost and no risk to the landowner.

With a strong engineering background we can deliver practical reliable advice about the economic viability and technical feasibility of your watercourse as a hydro investment. At the same time our approach is environmentally sensitive, resulting in efficient hydro schemes discreetly sited within the landscape. Our focus is on developments over 100kW and up to 2MW in capacity.

There are hundreds of upland burns in Scotland suitable for hydro schemes. A typical run of river scheme can generate a regular income for in excess of 50 years. Specialising medium and smaller schemes, Glen Hydro can offer more attractive rental levels and competitive pricing than many of our competitors. We don’t charge for our initial desktop evaluation, in which we can give you a good indication of the likely potential of any water resource, so do get in touch.

About us

Glen Hydro has been operational in Scotland since the inception of the feed in tariff. We have a number of schemes currently under construction or in planning and under active development. Hydropol has a twenty year history across Europe with an extensive portfolio of operational schemes with a total installed capacity of over 30MW.

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