DNO Liaison and Local Grid Supply

DNO Liaison & Local Grid Supply
DNO Liaison & Local Grid Supply

Glen Hydro has experience of connecting many new hydro schemes to the grid. Some of these connections also supply electricity locally to satisfy local demand and increase the net revenue of the scheme.
Our extensive experience of dealing with Scottish Distribution Network operators (DNOs) has left us in a strong position when managing the process of turning an initial grid connection offer into a live connection in a cost-effective manner. We also have experience of sharing grid connections and the formation of “Gridco” joint ventures to do this.

Once a scheme is live the requirement for delicate interface with the DNO does not fall away. For live connections, the services that we perform for our clients include:

Our first experience of installing a private wire was early on in the recent hydro development phase on one of our own schemes at Loch Eil – see case study. Since then, we have installed private wires for clients using both HV and LV connections. We also have experience of the various third party agreements required to make these arrangements work in practice.