Operational Support & Maintenance

Glen Hydro Operational Support
Operational Support & Maintenance

Glen Hydro uses the experience gained in running our own portfolio of schemes to ensure that our clients get the maximum revenue from their schemes whilst controlling operational costs. The service that we offer is tailored to the needs of our client and their specific scheme. Whilst we are positioned to provide a complete service including corporate services, many clients have aspects of scheme management that they prefer to handle themselves.

Ledcharrie Turbine

Is the scheme performing?

The services that we offer centre around a regular (usually weekly) on-line performance check of the scheme. We will download the week’s data (in case it becomes lost) and check that the scheme is running as it should. On our standard service, we plot the power generated by the scheme against that theoretical power that it should have generated, given the water available in the river. This quickly highlights any problems where the scheme may be losing generation, highlighting any problems with turbine efficiency or control and any need for pigging of the pipeline. Our experience shows this id fundamental to maximising generation and revenue. Most other support providers undertake this monthly at best, some not at all.

Within this process we are managing both the routine and the reactive maintenance of the scheme. We are then able to consolidate this information showing how the scheme is performing and highlighting any problems and the action we have taken to deal with them. Our reporting (usually monthly) is focussed on scheme performance and highlighting any potential issues. Our hydro engineers are able to carry out routine visits to the schemes as required.

Administrative support

Once again, as scheme operators, our services are centred around maximising revenue and include:

Additional services

We also perform an annual detailed scheme inspection on most schemes that we are involved in. This allows us to ensure that the scheme remains compliant with statutory requirements (CAR licence, OFGEM accreditation, planning etc).

Other activities which we undertake include: